Disabled and unable to work, will my student loans be forgiven?

Often times, people seek out student loans with good intentions of repaying them once they complete their college education. However, in the course of their study, they may be involved in illnesses or accidents that can cause disability. What happens is that these people become not able to work and therefore not quite able to pay the loans they took. Today, there is hope for such people. Thanks to the student loan forgiveness for disabled program, you can actually have your loan written off. But first, you have to prove your disability and then meet some income guidelines before your loan can be forgiven.

• Disability proof
• your lender’s address
• your income proof, and this also includes your tax information for the last 3 years


Write to your lender asking them to forgive your loan since you have become disabled. Normally, certain documents will be required as proof. You have the option of sending them after you have been asked to do so or you can include them at the time of sending your request. Among the documents that you need to avail is disability proof. You can accomplish this by providing the award letter from the social security, and this is if you were previously pronounced handicapped by Social Security. But in the absence of this, you simply have to get a letter from the doctor to the effect that you are incapacitated and that you cannot work.

Proof of income

Should you have any form of income, you will be required to provide proof. For instance, if you are a recipient of Social Security Income (SS1) or even Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you have to include an award letter copy, stating precisely what you receive every month. Alternatively, you could send your bank statement copy which shows deposits from Social Security. For someone who has some form of employment, they need to include a paycheck stub copy.

The loan request will then be surrendered to Discharge Disability Loan Servicing Center. If you then need to communicate with them in any way, you can give them a call at 888-8694169. Any written correspondences will be through Department of Education, via its Discharge Disability Loan Servicing Center, Box 5200 Greenville, TX 75403. It is possible that they ask you to provide more information. Please do it promptly for quick processing of your loan.


• Keep every copy of documentation that you send them and also, one week after furnishing them with the requisite information or documentation, it is very important to make a follow up by calling them.
• This ensures that they indeed received your documentation.

There are times when, after providing your doctor’s letter regarding your condition, or Social Security award letter, some more information may still be needed from you. If this is happens to be the case, always ensure that you have called them and confirmed the sort of information that they need.

It is of utmost importance that your doctor states that your handicap is a permanent one because if he or she does not, your disability may be considered temporary and you may miss out on the loan. Therefore, for you to qualify, your disability state has to be deemed permanent.

You need to note that Discharge Disability Loan Servicing Center may take long to process student loan forgiveness for disabled request. It may be wise to periodically call them to inquire the status of the loan.

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